Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Turriff Show

I had a nice day at Tuffiff District and Agricultural show on sunday 3rd August, though i took my camera with me the batteries had died!!! I spent most of the day stewarding in the working ring, it was my first time doing so and i enjoyed it. We had two dogs entered, it had been a long day for them as we arrived at the show ground at 930am and the whippets didnt get in the ring until 1pm, by that point i think Jake and Keano were a little fed up.

So here are the results for the Whippets

Judge: Mr C Gillanders
PG 6 (0)1st - Leslie's Windwalker Wild Angel
2nd - Whyte's Almondavon Secunda Reids-Amy
3rd - Glovers Shalfleet Serafino
Res - Patersons Wheelspin I Can Hear Music

Limit 4 (2)
1st Leslie's Veredon Jemimah at Windwalker
2nd Wilson's Speymalt Flash of Colour shcm

Open 4 (1)

1st Patersons Wheelspin Play it Again Sam
2nd Wilsons Speymalt Heir of Buckpool shcm
3rd Rennie's Peperone Pink Pearl

BOB Veredon Jemimah at Windwalker.

The rain did manage to stay off well at least until we were out the ring!! We did get rather wet going round to look at some of the stalls, that scottish weather for you!

I am judging at the Keith show next Sunday, hopefully i wont need my wellies!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bon Accord Whippet Results and picts

Whippet Puppy (2)

1st Endengrove Gold Digger - Sue Hawkins

2nd Windwalker Wild Angel - Kenny and Pauline Leslie

Whippet Yearling (6) 3

1st Cobyco Choice Quickstep - Mr and Mrs S & E Smith

2nd Deljorhea Sahara Breeze - Mrs J McKenzie

3rd Almondavon Tertia Chloe - Miss E Stewart

Whippet Novice (6) 4

1st Kirghiz Principal Girl - Mrs J McKenzie
2nd Wheelspin I Can Hear the Music - Mr M Paterson

3rd Cobyco Choice Cha Cha Cha - Mr and Mrs S & E SmithWhippet

Post Grad (7) 6

1st Shalflett Serafino - T & L Glover and Stocktone

2nd Kool As Ice - T & L Glover and Stocktone

3rd Minginish Wee Angus Maclean - Mr and Mrs S & E Smith

4th Almondavon Seconda Reid's Amy - Mr W Whyte

Whippet Limit (6) 5

1st Peperone Pink Pearl - Miss M Rennie

2nd Veredon Vannilla Ranger - Mr K and Mrs P Leslie

3rd Speymalt Flash of Colour ShCM - Mr J and Miss N Wilson

4th Minginish Marsh Orchid - Mr and Mrs S & E Smith

Whippet Open (8) 6

1st Speymalt Heir of Buckpool ShCM - Mr J and Miss N Wilson

2nd Fire Fashion Dancer - Miss E Stewart

3rd Wheelspin News Flash - Mr M Paterson

4th Speymalt Summer Harvest for Windwalker - Mr K and Mrs P Leslie

BOB Peperone Pink Pearl

We had a lovely day at the show with my dad and jake taken 3rd in the limit class and Keano winning the open class!
Well done to everyone on the cards it was sunny and warm what more could we have asked for!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Hound Association of Scotland

Myself, Dad, Jake and Keano made the long journey down to Kelso on Sat for the Hound Association of Scotland which is held at Kelso. It was a lovely day the sun was shinning for a change. Jake was entered in the Post Grad class although he showed his wee socks off he didnt get anything. Myself and Keano were in the Mid Limit class and much to my delight Keano received a 2nd!! alot of people commented that he should of won his class which was nice. The judge was Albert Richie.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Crufts 2009

Well it is that time of year when Crufts is upon us alreay!!! Me and Keano will be traveling down tonight. We will be leaving Buckie around 5ish and meeting Marie in Kintore. Where our journey will take us to pick up Sheligha and Stripes in Dundee. We will then be traveling down to meet the coach which will be leaving the forth road bridge and 2315. We hope to arrive at the NECC at 7ish tomorrow morning.

I am taking me camera so hopefully i will have some lovely picts!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Keano's new outfit for Crufts!

Keano thought he would treat himself to a new outfit for Crufts, he wanted something that would make him stand out amoungst all the rest of the dogs. However i think he has went too far!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Walks with the dogs

Whippets love nothing but a good run and walk! Am lucky to live in such a beutiful part of the world so finding somewhere to go isnt a prob! Here are some photo's taken during the summer.

Our dogs

At the moment Keano is the only dog that lives with me. The other five live with the parents and half the time you dont even know they are in the house until of course leds and biscuits are produced! When all six of them are together they love nothing better then snuggling up together, usually you will find Jake lying on top of someone. Keano hates football!! and when its on he can be found under the table or under the duvet upstairs, strange he is named after a football player!!